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ISMPP U - Open to all 90-minute ISMPP U in celebration of Medcomms Day! The AI Evolution: Medical Communications in the Digital Age (June 12, 2024)

In honor of Medcomms Day, ISMPP is proud to offer this 90-minute webinar open to both members and nonmembers. The integration of generative AI into the creation of scientific communication materials not only promises to revolutionize engagement by providing more accessible and timely communication of complex data, but also signifies a paradigm shift in medical communications. Embracing AI technologies has the potential to enhance the quality and reach of medical communications materials across the pharmaceutical industry. Despite the exciting potential of AI, challenges in the development and implementation of such tools are evident. These challenges include ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, maintaining accuracy in data interpretation, and effectively integrating AI technologies with existing workflows within the pharmaceutical industry.

Drawing from experience in developing a generative AI tool for PLS, this webinar will explore the practicalities of creating and implementing such technologies. Participants will learn the nuances of balancing innovation with regulation, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, and the critical hurdles that must be overcome to ensure tool reliability and effectiveness. The session aims to provide cover experience sharing, strategies, and best practices, as well as the limitations and ethical considerations that come with employing generative AI in medical communications.

Approved for 1.5 CMPP credit