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Group Concept Mapping: A patient-centric, mixed-methods…

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Group Concept Mapping: A patient-centric, mixed-methods, approach to understand the patients' experiences and support outcomes strategy

Organized By: ISOQOL Industry Advisory Committee

In this webinar, the audience get an understanding of the history and application of mixed methods approaches to outcomes research and learn how to apply an innovative, mixed methods approach with a strong patient-centric focus, to answer different outcomes research questions.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives
After the webinar, the learner will be able to:
  • Understand a brief history of mixed methods research
  • Understand a brief history of Group Concept Mapping approach
  • Understand the 4 steps involved in Group Concept Mapping and how the methodology can be applied to different research questions

  • Louise Humphrey, MSc, Director of Clinical Outcomes Assessment, Abacus International, UK
  • Thomas Willgoss, PhD, Project Manager, Abacus International, UK
  • Tara Symonds, PhD, Partner and Strategic Lead, Clinical Outcomes Solutions, UK
  • Joseph C Cappelleri, PhD, Senior Director – Biostatistics , Pfizer Inc., US

  • Moderator
  • Josephine M. Norquist, MS, ISOQOL Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) Chair

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