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What to do with a lot of data

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Understanding the Analysis of Intensive Longitudinal Data: Analysis for assessments of clinical validity and efficacy

Organized By: Measuring What Matters 2021 Co-Chairs

Digital health technologies, such as daily completion electronic diaries, sensor based out-of-clinic tasks and continuous assessment through wearable sensors all generate a lot of data. Handling this data with our typical tools often leads to a loss of information which hide results. This session will discuss when it is appropriate to use traditional methods and when specific methods for intensive longitudinal data are required, and present these through worked examples.

Intended Audience
  • Digital health professionals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Academic
Level of Knowledge Needed

Audience Benefits
This webinar will provide the audience with:
  • An understanding of the considerations which should be made when faced with intensive longitudinal data
  • Knowledge about the appropriateness of traditional methods
  • Information, skills and resources to conduct research using methods which are more appropriate for intensive longitudinal data
Learning Outcomes/Objectives
At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:
  • Choose the appropriate analyses for clinical validation of digital health tools
  • Choose the appropriate analyses for assessment of treatment effects/group differences when using data arising from digital health tools or daily diary data
  • Conduct the above methods and interpret the output

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