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Road Users

An ITE Learning Hub Webinar
Developed by the ITE Traffic Engineering Council

This webinar follows Chapter 3: Road Users in the ITE Traffic Engineering Handbook (2016). It covers driver behavior basics, types of road users, and applying human factors to design.

Learning Objectives:

  • Driver Behavior Basics
Describe the range of driver visual capabilities
Describe driver visual and information capabilities and limitations
Describe driver visual search
Describe importance of driver expectancy
Identify variables affecting perception-reaction time
Define the positive guidance approach to road and TDC design
  • Types of Users
Describe the abilities, limitations and behavior of the following road users: older drivers, novice drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, truck drivers
Outline the frequency and types of crashes these road users have
  • Professional Practice
Give examples of positive guidance in road design Determine sign placement based on driver visual, information processing and perceptual motor abilities and limitations
Identify roadside cues that influence driver speed choice
Describe measures that have been demonstrated to slow drivers in a transition zone
Outline human factors considerations essential to effective road safety audits 

Dr. Alison Smiley and Dr. Robert Dewar, ITE Traffic Engineering Handbook, 7th Edition, Chapter 3 (Road Users) Authors

Fees: $49 Members/$99 Non-Members
This fee includes web event recording, webinar evaluation, and certificate of completions.

PDF of Presentations:
Webinar Contributors typically provide a PDF of their presentations; but this may vary on a case by case basis. If they are provided, ITE will upload the presentations into the resources tab of this event.

PDH/CM Credit: 1.5 

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