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Introducing ITE’s New Parking Generation Manual, 5th Edition

Webinar Description:
The webinar presents the key elements of ITE’s Parking Generation Manual (PGM), 5th Edition. Topics covered include the introduction of additional new analysis capabilities (e.g., location/setting type day of the week variations, seasonal variations), time of day distributions and parking supply ratios. The webinar also provides a live demonstration of the new ITEParkGen web app that enables the analyst access to the full ITE parking generation database for specialized analysis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with all elements of the Parking Generation Manual, 5th Edition, including PGM land use descriptions, data plots, time-of-day distribution data, urban/suburban area setting options, and day of the week variability
  • Understand use of the ITEParkGen web app to replicate PGM data plots and statistics
  • Understand use of the ITEParkGen web app to filter data by age of data, region, and size of independent variable

Fees: Free
This fee includes an archived recording, a webinar evaluation and a certificate.

PDF of Presentations:
Webinar Contributors typically provide a PDF of their presentations; but this may vary on a case by case basis. If they are provided, ITE will upload the presentations into the resources tab of this event.

PDH/CM Credit: 1.5
You have 60 days to view this webinar following purchase.