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2019 MUTCD Compliance Dates: One-Way Signs and Horizontal Alignment Warning Signs

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The current (2009) edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) outlines compliance dates established by FHWA for certain traffic control device standards. By December 31, 2019, State DOTs, counties, municipalities, and other road owners are urged to meet the requirements. This webinar will focus on meeting two new requirements that were established in 2009:

  1. Section 2B.40 (ONE WAY Signs) revised the requirements for the number and locations of ONE WAY signs; and
  2. Sections 2C.06 through 2C.14 (Horizontal Alignment Warning Signs) revised the requirements regarding the use of various horizontal alignment signs.
The webinar will give a brief overview of what is expected and add clarification. It will also cover some of the commonly asked questions, such as why the requirements were established, whether all One-Way signs and horizontal alignment warning signage will need to be upgraded even if the signs are 'perfectly good', and what the legal issues are if the dates are not met. The webinar will feature presenters from various state and/or local DOTs to showcase the various methods which they have used to meet these compliance dates. Lastly, it will provide the opportunity to ask the panel any questions about specific scenarios which you may be facing.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn what specific sign changes must be made by agencies to meet the December 31, 2019 compliance dates;
  • Learn about methods other states and highway agencies are using to complete these tasks; and
  • Ability to ask questions about specific circumstances and receive guidance

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  • Patrick Wright

    Patrick Wright is a traffic engineer working for the Pennsylvania Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) since 2005. Through LTAP, Pat provides training and technical assistance for local road owners to maintain and operate their roads. Pat teaches about 60 classes per year, completes about 20 presentations/webinars each year, and provides direct technical field assistance over 100 times per year. Common issues that Pat assists municipalities with include intersection safety, traffic studies, curve safety, pedestrian safety, ADA compliance, and traffic signs.
    Patrick will present on the Pennsylvania LTAP experience assisting local road owners with complying to the MUTCD horizontal sign requirements.

  • Scott Wainwright, P.E., PTOE

    Scott was Chief Traffic Engineer for Montgomery County, MD, followed by 10 years of employment by the FHWA on their MUTCD Team. He has developed and presented numerous webinars on MUTCD topics for ITE and other organizations. He has held a variety of elected positions in ITE, including District Director on the ITE Executive Board, and has been a member of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD) for 35 years.
    Scott will present about how and why MUTCD compliance dates are established and enforced, as well as the role of the NCUTCD in traffic control device standards.

  • Rick Perez, P.E.

    Rick Perez has been the City Traffic Engineer for the City of Federal Way, Washington since 1996. Rick manages all traffic engineering and transportation planning functions for the City, has over 30 years experience at state and local levels in the public and private sectors in Oregon and Washington, and served on the 2007 Washington State MUTCD Adoption Committee. Rick has presented at ITE and other organizations on topics such as access management, roundabouts, rectangular rapid flashing beacons, flashing yellow arrows, alternative intersection treatments, and received the 1996 Wayne T. VanWagoner Award from ITE District 6 for “Guidelines for Right Turn Treatments at Signalized Intersections” published in ITE Journal, February 1995. Rick will provide a local agency perspective on funding and implementing measures to meet compliance dates for MUTCD signing requirements.

  • Thomas (Tom) Heydel, P.E.

    Tom is the SE Regional Traffic Operations Signing and Marking Engineer for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Tom in working with the NCUTCD (National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) is the Chairman of the Regulatory and Warning Sign Technical Committee. Traffic Operations and Design Engineer, State of Wisconsin since 1991. BSCE – University of North Dakota. MSCE in Traffic and Transportation- University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
    Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Wisconsin since 1980

April 2, 2019
Tue 3:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 30M

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