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Why and How to Become a Certified Road Safety Professional

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Webinar Description:
Significant advancements have been made in the state of practice for road safety over the past two decades. This has occurred through evolving research and technology, increased implementation of evidence-based knowledge in programs to reduce traffic related fatalities and serious injuries, and initiatives such as Towards Zero Deaths (TZD) and Vision Zero. Advancements in safety have led to roadway safety being considered as an explicit part of a transportation professional’s routine tasks. This is further demonstrated with the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) now being included in the Professional Engineer (P.E) Exam.

With increasing emphasis being placed on consideration of safety in all aspects of transportation management, the need to recognize road safety as a distinct discipline becomes evident. In 2016, the Transportation Professional Certification Board (TPCB) began efforts to develop a Road Safety Professional Certification (RSP). This effort is supported by a broad cross-section of transportation and safety organizations from the United States and Canada and provides two certification levels.

The RSP certification establishes a minimum level of knowledge based on the current state of practice, encourages professional development and growth by introducing newer concepts, and creates an environment for universities to expand their curriculum to produce graduates that are proficient in the field of safety. Certified road safety professionals will be recognized for their knowledge, experience, and expertise in road safety.

This webinar will describe the areas that are covered under RSP Level 1 and RSP Level 2-Infrastructure and Behavior and how they relate to consideration of safety within an individual’s job. This webinar will also provide the information needed to register and prepare for the certification exams.


  • Priscilla Tobias, P.E., RSP | Arora and Associates, P.C.

    Ms. Priscilla Tobias, PE, RSP has over 27 years of transportation experience with a significant portion of that focused on improving the safety of the nation’s roadways. She currently manages the Illinois Operations for Arora and Associates, P.C.. She is one of the subject matter experts that has been involved in the development of the RSP Level 1 and Level 2 (Infrastructure and Behavior). She is currently the lead for the RSP Level 2 Behavior and has spoken at AASHTO and TRB regarding the RSP Certification.

  • Geni Bahar, P.Eng., P.E., RSP | NAVIGATS Inc.

    Ms. Geni Bahar, P.Eng, P.E. (civil), RSP has thirty-nine years of experience in traffic and road safety engineering. She currently serves as the president of NAVIGATS Inc. Ms. Bahar has been involved in the process of development of the RSP certification exams since the inception of this idea through her involvement in the Transportation Association of Canada’s Road Safety Standing Committee. She has served in the RSP Steering Committee and in the RSP Subject-matter expert group developing the exams. She is now serving as an organization director on the Transportation Professional Certification Board (TPCB).

December 16, 2019
Mon 2:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 30M

This live web event has ended.

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