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Communicating the Value of TSMO: Enhance Safety, Increase ROI, Improve Operations

This ITE and Consortium for Innovative Transportation Education Blended Learning Course begins Thursday, February 10, 2022. Registration closes at 12 pm ET, February 4, or once we reach course capacity.

Course Schedule:
February 10 - March 16

Click on document at the bottom of the page for detailed syllabus.

Course Description:
Enhance your skills as an effective and memorable communicator for TSMO. Use tips from neuroscience for a no-nonsense approach to advocating technical strategies that have a human impact. Grow deeper skills to enhance audience connection and solidify the relevance of TSMO. This interactive workshop is not for beginners. These techniques go beyond book learning. Learn and apply steps to convert technical material into an interesting, informative, and relevant presentation that resonates with decision-makers and decision influencers.

There are three parts to this training program:
  • 1.Online materials. Jump start your thinking so that you are ready to go with the first live, interactive webinar.
  • 2.Interactive webinar #1. Get down to business and hone the most essential skill of an influencer: seeing TSMO through the perspective of the decision-maker. Discover tips to change your presentation to reflect their concerns so that they appreciate the power of TSMO in meeting organizational goals. For maximum benefit, you should have a presentation or briefing in mind to work on during the workshop portion of the webinar.
  • Interactive webinar #2. Stop death-by-PowerPoint by replacing word-filled, detail-heavy slides with compelling content and images that stick with the audience. This is not about making “pretty slides.” It is about engaging the brain of the audience in ways that are impactful and leave a positive, lasting impression. Research in neuroscience provides the practical techniques to engage the brain of the decision-maker. You will be able to work on your own presentation and apply these techniques so you can learn and do at the same time.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • From the online materials, learn about the challenges to effective communication for TSMO and the need to build the business case.
  • Analyze your audience to more deeply understand their interests.
  • Craft a compelling message that achieves your audience’s objectives and yours.
  • Organize data, hone the analysis and identify real-life impacts to make clear, understandable, and memorable points that link TSMO to safety, ROI and operational improvements.
  • Using neuroscience, design presentation visuals and stories that “stick” in the decision-maker’s mind long after the presentation ends.

Shelley Row, PE, CSP, President and CEO | Blue Fjord Leaders

Shelley Row, PE, CSP, is an engineer, and served as the Director of the ITS Joint Program Office for the USDOT. Prior to that Ms. Row was the Associate Executive Director at the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Director of Transportation Operations for the Federal Highway Administration.
Ms. Row was named an Inc. Magazine as a top 100 leadership speaker and is one of eight engineers who is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). She was also recognized by Traffic Technology International as one of 20 of the best minds in advanced traffic management systems.
Today Shelley Row, PE, CSP is the founder of Blue Fjord Leaders, whose work focuses on engineering leaders to see beyond the data. The Blue Fjord Leadership System transforms technical professionals into insightful leaders who skillfully communicate and who lead with confidence, empathy and adaptability. Her work employs science-based techniques, practical applications, and self-awareness. Shelley combines executive experience, results from interviews with more than 90 executives, and neuroscience to bring these powerful skills to you.

ITE Member: $220.00
Non-Member: $275.00

Click on the Course Syllabus document below to read the learning opportunities offered during this course.

Please allow 7 business days following purchase to receive course information. ITE will provide the Consortium for Innovative Transportation Education a roster of new registrants on a weekly basis. All content including web conferences, workshops, and the exam will be delivered on the Consortium for Innovation Transportation Education's Learning Management System. This offering is not eligible for free registration for ITE student members.