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Protected Bikeway Design Series: Introduction

The first lecture is an introduction to the series. This Introduction lecture will include a summary of what protected bike lanes are, outcomes that have been achieved, and sources of guidance that exist and are emerging. The focus will be on guides at federal, state/provincial, and local levels within North America and note design issues that recent guides are working to address.

Learning Objectives

  • Address questions and uncertainties that practitioners have in the existing design and operational guidance for protected bike lanes
  • Share relevant research and guidance on design and operational practices of protected bike lanes as it relates to the work that ITE professionals regularly undertake
  • Use examples of successful and relevant implementation of protected bike lanes to help describe principles of design and operational considerations
  • Provide a basis for the design and operational aspects of protected bike lanes and highlight relevant resources available to practitioners
  • Use the MassDOT Separated Bike Lane Planning & Design Guide as a case study of the geometric and operational issues that had to be resolved in preparation of guidance for protected bike lanes