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The Popularity of Navigation Apps and Impact on Traffic Operations

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  • Scott Poska, P.E., PTOE, Senior Traffic Engineer | Alliant Engineering

    Scott Poska, PE, PTOE is a Senior Engineer at Alliant Engineering and has over 15 years of experience in traffic engineering and has been involved in a wide array of planning, traffic design, and traffic operations projects. Prior to joining Alliant, he was a Senior Professional Traffic Operations Engineer in the Traffic and Parking Services Division of the City of Minneapolis Public Works department responsible for signal timing at the City’s 810 traffic signals, managing a variety of traffic calming and traffic safety related items, and signing and striping maintenance and operations throughout the City. During his time at the City, he was exposed to the impact of mapping apps and traffic operations. He has been involved in ITE for over 15 years and is the current Midwestern ITE District Treasurer. Scott is a graduate of the 2017 class of Leadership ITE.

  • Andy Kaplan, P.E., Senior Traffic Engineer | Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

    Andy is the Assistant Manager of the Port Authority of NY &NJ’s Traffic Engineering at LaGuardia Redevelopment Program. The $8 billion program to redevelop the land-locked NYC airport is one of the most complex efforts of its kind – rebuilding an airport in place while maintaining full operational. Andy assists in leading a team of approximately 25 traffic engineers responsible for coordinating roadway design amongst the projects multiple stakeholders and running an airport operations center to manage roadway traffic in real time.

    In addition to leadership efforts at LaGuardia, Andy is leading an agency-wide effort in preparing the Port Authority for future disruptions (Transformative Transportation Technologies). Previously Andy has developed the Authority’s first structured university research program, and led the Agency Operations Center (the Port Authority’s Traffic Management Center).

    In this role, Andy was responsible for a $2.5 Million (annual) program which staffs a 24-7 traffic management center. The center is responsible for regional coordination between all Port Authority facilities (Ports, Airports, Bus Terminals, Bridges and Tunnels) and partner transportation agencies in both states. The AOC is also leading the PANYNJ’s innovative partnerships and data-exchanges with Google, Apple and Waze. This specific partnership has pushed the envelope in the space, and has been recognized by multiple national and regional industry awards, as well as various press coverage.

    Mr. Kaplan is also a recognized national expert in transportation safety, and active in setting the direction of safety research. He previously served as the chairman of the Institute of Transpiration Engineer’s national Vision Zero Technical Working group, and as a member of the ITE international Strategic Initiatives Committee. Andy was part of the inaugural Leadership ITE Class. Locally, Mr. Kaplan currently serves as a section director to the Metropolitan Section of the ITE.

  • Matthew Paugh, Associate Traffic Engineer | Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

    Matthew Paugh is an Associate Traffic Engineer with the Port Authority Traffic Engineering – Transportation Technologies Group and has been with the Port Authority of NY & NJ for over 3 years. In this role, Matthew has been responsible for the ITS design of various projects including Port Newark – Elizabeth Traffic Signal Integration, Newark Airport Redevelopment projects, Agency-wide Transportation Management Software (ATMS), etc.

    Matthew is responsible for helping to foster innovative and long-lasting partnerships with 8 different mapping platforms, with more currently in the works. This award-winning, collaborative work between the Port Authority and the various mapping platforms had led to the development of the Mapping and Partnership System (MAPS), which streamlines the most up-to-date roadway changes, road closures, and Points-of-Interest (POIs) to each platform to decrease driver confusion, increase customer service, and, most importantly, increase driver safety.

    Prior to his role in the Transportation Technologies Group, Matthew had the opportunity to rotate through various groups within the Engineering and Construction Management Department through the Engineering Associate Program. Some of these rotations included working in several Engineering Disciplines, Materials Engineering, as well as serving as a Construction Management Inspector at the George Washington Bridge.

    Matthew is a graduate of Rowan University, receiving his Bachelors of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering in 2017. At Rowan, Matthew worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant studying the “Risk Analysis of Autonomous Vehicles in Mixed Traffic Streams”, investigating the safety and efficacy of Autonomous Vehicles, especially as they are merged into normal traffic streams where non-autonomous vehicles and driver behavior still take precedence. His research went on to be published in the Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board.

August 25, 2020
Tue 2:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 30M

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