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Road Safety Fundamentals (2 of 10): Partnerships that Create a Lasting Safety Culture


Webinar Description:
The webinar will describe how the concept of Safety Culture has developed and evolved over time in the U.S. Actions that can help to create and maintain a safety culture will be identified as well as the essential role of partnerships for advancing safety. The presentation will describe how non-engineers view road safety and the benefits of partnering with non-engineers. It will offer ways in which safety challenges can be identified along with solutions that combine engineering and non-engineering approaches.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define Safety Culture and identify actions that can be taken to create and maintain it.
  • Describe how non-engineers view road safety.
  • Describe the benefits of partnering with non-engineers.
  • Explain ways to identify problems and combined solutions.


  • Patrick Hasson, National Technical Director, Safety and Design | FHWA Resource Center

    Patrick Hasson is the National Safety and Design Technical Director in the FHWA Resource Center. In this position, Mr. Hasson leads a national team of professionals specializing in highway geometric design, safety engineering and safety programs. Mr. Hasson and his team provide extensive training, technical assistance and expert advice to State Departments of Transportation, local officials, national organizations and others. He is a registered Professional Engineer.

  • K. Craig Allred, Senior Safety Specialist | FHWA Resource Center

    Successful 25 years in State Law Enforcement, retired as a Director in Utah Department of Public Safety. Joined FHWA in 2001, Public Safety Coordinator for USDOT, 16 years as a team member of the Safety and Design Team at the FHWA Resource Center. Presented over 700 workshops, in every state and several countries. Specialties Law Enforcement, Speed Management, Road Safety Audits, Pedestrians and more.

October 29, 2020
Thu 2:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 30M

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