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Tools and Resources for Integrating Sustainability and Health into Transportation

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The live event has ended. Recording now available to stream. 

This webinar was developed by the ITE Sustainability Standing Committee.

Webinar Description:
Join this webinar to hear how we address the interconnected challenges of sustainability and health in transportation. Learn about resources and tools available to transportation professionals to integrate sustainability and health into transportation planning, project design, and programming.

Transportation is much more than mobility. How transportation systems are planned, designed, and built either facilitate access to health-supporting destinations, such as employment, grocery stores, or health care services, or presents a barrier to reaching them. Communities are designed to support physical activity or encourage sedentary living. Exposure to vehicular air pollution, particularly along high-volume roads, increases a community's risk to asthma and heart disease. Transportation is the leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the US. Low-income communities and communities of color are overrepresented in traffic fatalities, exposure to vehicular emissions, and will be among those most affected by climate change.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify transportation’s impacts on health, climate, and equity.
  • Recognize the proven land use and transportation strategies that help improve human health, reduce climate pollution, and improve equity.
  • Define life-cycle assessment and understand how LCA tools fit into sustainability rating systems.
  • Give examples of how LCA can be used for decision making, specifically through the use of environmental and health product declarations.
  • Give examples of how sustainability rating systems can address health, environmental, and social issues.

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  • Jeralee Anderson, P.E., President/CEO | Greenroads International

    Jeralee Anderson is the co-founder of Greenroads Foundation, a globally recognized nonprofit organization focused on sustainability education and certification for transportation projects. As President/CEO, she manages the daily operations and oversees all programs for Greenroads. Jeralee received her doctorate in sustainability and civil engineering from the University of Washington. She worked in a variety of structural, geotechnical, and construction engineering positions in California after receiving her undergraduate degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She is a licensed professional engineer in Washington State and California, and was recognized in 2013 by the White House as a Transportation Champion of Change for the 21st Century.

  • Kelly Rodgers, Executive Director | Streetsmart

    Presentation Topic: Integrating climate protection, health, and equity into transportation.

    Kelly Rodgers is the Executive Director of Streetsmart, a non-profit organization that helps civic leaders embed health, climate, and equity considerations into transportation. She is a member of the TRB Standing Committee on Transportation and Public Health (AME70), is the Vice-Chair of the Institute of Transportation Engineers Committee on Health and Transportation, and serves on the American Public Health Association’s Center for Climate, Health, and Equity advisory committee. As a member of APHA, she is working on a task force to integrate equity into the land use and transportation policy statement. She also serves on the steering committee of PHEAL (Planning for Health Equity, Advocacy, and Leadership). Kelly is a PhD candidate in Urban Studies who is researching the use and influence of health indicators in transportation. Kelly has a graduate degree in landscape architecture and an undergraduate degree in urban and regional planning.

  • Thomas Mattinzioli, Graduate Student | University of Granada

    Thomas is a PhD research student at the Laboratory of Construction Engineering (LabIC) at the University of Granada, Spain, currently working on pavement sustainability and life-cycle assessment. He serves as the volunteer team leader for the Materials & Production team of the Technical Advisory Council at Greenroads International and is an accredited Sustainable Transportation Professional (STP). He completed his Masters of Civil Engineering with Spanish at the University of Sheffield, UK. Having first started researching sustainability assessment for buildings, he is now trying to encourage and help people make more sustainable decisions in civil infrastructure.

December 3, 2020
Thu 2:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 30M

This live web event has ended.

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