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How to Successfully Teach During a Pandemic: Contrasts between Audiences of College Students and Working Professionals

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The live event has ended. Recording now available to stream. 

This webinar was developed by the ITE Education Council.

Webinar Description:
This webinar is part of a continuing series that documents best practices in transportation education. This session will discuss effective approaches in consideration of whether the audience is comprised primarily of college students or transportation professionals, with emphases on delivery through a fully virtual environment. The content will detail lessons learned in effectively engaging both groups.

The first portion of the webinar will exemplify interactive and constructive learning through the application of paired and group discussions. This will include an overview of effective techniques for improving student learning and engagement, including contrasts between in-person and online classes. The discussion will also include examples of how COVID-19 related content has been integrated into courses during the pandemic.

As with college courses, engineering professional development classes also pivoted to a virtual environment in response to the pandemic. These continuing education courses faced similar, but unique, challenges as compared to college students in terms of engagement and interaction. The second portion of the webinar will detail effective strategies for addressing these challenges.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify interactive and constructive learning strategies.
  • Understand how paired and group discussion could be administered in an online setting.
  • Identify opportunities and challenges that arise with online instruction as compared to in-person instruction.
  • Develop and deliver online courses that are appropriate for different audiences and topic areas.


  • Andi Bill, Traffic Safety Engineering Research Program Manager | University of Wisconsin

    Andi Bill is currently the Traffic Safety Engineering Research Program Manager with the Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory and Program Director with Engineering Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her current research incorporates aspects from traffic operations and traffic safety, with a specific emphasis on discovering new and innovative ways to address traffic crashes.

  • Masoud Ghodrat Abadi, Assistant Professor | California State University, Sacramento

    Masoud Ghodrat Abadi is an Assistant Professor in Department of Civil Engineering at California State University, Sacramento. Dr. Abadi serves as a member of ITE Education Council and TRB Standing Committee on Workforce Development and Organizational Excellence.

February 9, 2021
Tue 2:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.

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