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Workshop: Reforming Traffic Impact Analysis to Incorporate Safety and Multimodal Transportation

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PDH/CM Credits: 2.0

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Today's sessions are sponsored by Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) have been used for the past 40 years to assess the impacts of private development on our communities. ITE will be releasing an updated Guide for incorporating multimodal elements into the TIA process. There are many cities and states that have documented procedures on this topic. These procedures largely rely on the ITE Trip Generation Handbook which once had data focused mostly on suburban development. ITE professionals have worked diligently to address these limitations, but challenges remain. Issues such as the limited emphasis on safety and other multimodal that have been addressed in updated versions. This workshop will focus a bit on this document and look ahead to the future of using safety in TIAs to achieve our community’s objectives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify recommended changes that are part of the draft Multimodal Traffic Impact Analysis Recommended Practice. This will include changes to existing procedures, practices, and performance measures.
  • Document proven safety countermeasures used to address safety in communities.
  • Identify safety measures that could be incorporated in future editions of the document.

Facilitators and Speakers:
  • Jesse Saginor, Ph.D, AICP, Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University
  • Rodney Brown, AICP, PTP, RSP1, Associate, Fehr & Peers
  • Jamila Porter, DrPH, MPH, Director of Resilient Communities, Big City Heath Coalition
  • Amanda Leahy, AICP, Associate Planner, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.


  • Jesse Saginor, Ph.D, AICP, Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University

    Jesse Saginor, Ph.D., AICP is an Associate Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Florida Atlantic University. He teaches courses on capital facility planning, economic development, planning methods, and urban revitalization. His primary area of expertise is market analysis applied to real estate-related policy interventions.

  • Rodney Brown, AICP, PTP, RSP1, Associate, Fehr & Peers

    Rod Brown has been with Fehr & Peers since 2015 and contributes a solid background in transportation policy and a strong multimodal focus to each of his projects. Rod also brings to each of his projects an attention to detail and commitment to quality that is rooted in his previous experience as an engineer in the tech industry and US Navy. Rod has serve as the project manager and contributed as a planner for transportation impact assessments in a variety of environments, from urban centers to rural small towns. His safety projects have included statewide highway hotspot and systemic analysis as well as neighborhood-focused plans. Rod has led many complex transportation planning projects including regional transportation plans, general plans, active transportation plans, and model development projects.

  • Jamila Porter, DrPH, MPH, Director of Resilient Communities, Big City Heath Coalition

    Jamila M. Porter, DrPH, MPH is the Director of Resilient Communities with the Big Cities Health Coalition (BCHC). She leads BCHC’s efforts to build healthy, resilient, and vibrant communities across our nation’s largest cities by utilizing expertise in systemic equity, racial justice, violence prevention, and policy. Prior to joining BCHC, Jamila was Director of Programs and Evaluation at the Safe States Alliance, a national professional association dedicated to strengthening the practice of injury and violence prevention. At the Safe States Alliance, she led the association’s program, policy, and evaluation initiatives, including providing technical assistance and training to multi-sector organizations and practitioners at local, state, and national levels. Prior to the Safe States Alliance, Jamila worked in health care consulting and international development. Jamila has over 15 years of experience in public health research and practice. Her research interests include public health capacity, policy evaluation, transportation equity, the social determinants of health, systems change, and healthy community design. She has published articles in a variety of peer-reviewed journals, including the American Journal of Public Health, the Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation, the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, and the Journal of Transport and Land Use. Jamila earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Health Policy and Administration from Wake Forest University. She earned her Master of Public Health degree from Mercer University School of Medicine and her Doctor of Public Health degree from the University of Georgia College of Public Health.

  • Amanda Leahy, AICP, Associate Planner, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

    As a transportation planner and someone who prefers traveling on foot or by bike, Amanda Leahy understands the needs of these most vulnerable users. Her areas of expertise include multimodal traffic operations and safety analysis, bicycle and pedestrian planning and design, and complete streets policy and implementation. She has worked on many complex projects from planning through construction that have required objective and transparent technical analysis, multi-agency coordination, and environmental clearance. Amanda is committed to creating a safe and comfortable public realm for people of all ages and abilities. She is passionate about strengthening connections between people and place through sound planning and analysis; creative, context-sensitive design and engineering; and effective stakeholder and community engagement. She is particularly interested in exploring the relationships among transportation, land use, health, safety, and equity. Amanda is a certified planner (AICP) and Board President of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP). Outside of the office, Amanda enjoys adventures with family and friends, walks in the woods with her two dogs, and pedaling around town while pondering transportation technologies and innovations of the future.

July 28, 2021
Wed 4:00 PM EDT

Duration 2H 0M

This live web event has ended.

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