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RSP Module 3: Human Behavior and Road Safety

RSP Module 3: Human Behavior and Road Safety
Human factors, or how users of the roadway system interact with the environment, is a critical element to understand the causes of many fatal and serious injury crashes. This webinar explores how human factors work for or against roadway safety, and how various tools and educational strategies can be used to influence human behavior. The specific areas covered include human factors basics, safety strategies to address human behavior, road user education strategies, law enforcement strategies, roadway design impact on human behavior, the importance of incorporating human factors into safety planning and programming, positive guidance principles for user safety, and the driving task model and road user error.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify key visual factors associated with the driving task and their relationship to the roadway environment
  • Understand the cognitive steps involved with perception-reaction time
  • Describe key elements of an effective multidisciplinary educational campaign
  • Understand the key elements of positive guidance techniques for safe road signing and traffic control

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