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RSP Module 4: Solving Safety Problems

RSP Module 4: Solving Safety Problems
Effective safety management; that is, accurately identifying safety problems and developing effective solutions, is at the core of roadway safety training. This module provides an overview of the safety management process, and explores some of the decision-making tools and techniques to evaluate countermeasures and other treatments. The specific areas covered include data-driven safety management, systemic approaches to safety management, sources for crash countermeasures, road safety diagnostic tools, multidisciplinary approaches to road safety, collision patterns and crash contribution factors, user-focused road safety interventions, countermeasure cost effectiveness evaluation, countermeasure effectiveness evaluation, and tradeoff analysis for safety performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the key elements of an integrated safety management system (ISMSystem)
  • Identify the 6 steps associated with a data-driven safety management process
  • Understand the importance of the regression-to-the-mean phenomenon
  • Identify local and national-level resources for data involved in crash analysis and safety decision-making

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