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ITS ePrimer: Freight and Commercial Vehicle ITS and ITS to Support Travelers

This webinar is sponsored by ITS Professional Capacity Building Program, ITS Joint Program Office, U.S. Department of Transportation.

Webinar Description:

Supported by U.S. DOT, the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) ePrimer provides transportation professionals with fundamental concepts and practices related to ITS technologies. Since its initial release in 2013, this resource has been widely used by public and private agencies and educational institutions. In 2020, the USDOT initiated an update to several ITS ePrimer modules to keep up with the significant technological advances that occurred in the ITS world. This free webinar includes presentations on the updated Module 6: Freight and Commercial Vehicle ITS and updated Module 5: ITS to Support Travelers.

Module 6-Freight and Commercial Vehicle ITS provides an overview of ITS applications related to commercial freight truck operations as promoted by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Beginning with an explanation of supply chain management, the module explains how the trucking industry uses technology to facilitate safety and efficient operations. The webinar emphasizes key industry-government efforts related to e-commerce, truck parking, and vehicle automation and summarizes future directions of ITS research.

Module 5-ITS to Support Travelers explores current and emerging applications that enhance traveler experience and safety. This module demonstrates how ITS technologies offer an array of applications and enhancements for multimodal transportation, from real time information to safety applications and driver conveniences.

Learning Objectives:
  • Provide an overview of supply chain and motor carrier freight operations
  • Describe recent freight automation advancements, future growth, and challenges
  • Identify resources for increased understanding of ITS freight applications
  •  Learn the capabilities, features and limitations, of ITS technologies for multimodal transportation
  • Understand deployment opportunities and constraints for ITS technologies for all travelers
  • Understand emerging and future trends in ITS technologies for all traveler
Moderator: Pat Noyes, Principal | Pat Noyes & Associates

  •  Introductory Remarks: Egan Smith, P.E. PTOE PTP, Managing Director, Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office | U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Kenneth Troup, Boston, MA
  • Alexander Skabardonis, Berkeley, CA 
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