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Implementation Success Stories: How SHRP2 is Helping Agencies Advance Operations

SHRP2 produced new tools and resources to help agencies advance transportation systems management and operations (TSMO). The products came along at a pivotal time as many agencies were placing more emphasis on effective operations to maximize the use of existing facilities to address public expectations, tight budgets, and less space for system expansion. Every State in the U.S. is deploying at least one of the SHRP2 Reliability products, and lead implementers are deploying as many as 10 products. During this webinar, some of these agencies will share their stories about how they have used the products to advance operations, build support for TSMO programs and investments, and improve travel in their regions.

Refer to the article in the most recent January issue of the ITE Journal: Transportation Agencies Share SHRP2 Reliability Solutions: Success Stories for Advancing Operations

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to advance your agency's capabilities for TSMO
  • Know about available SHRP2 products and how to apply them
  • Identify successful applications of SHRP2 Reliability products
  • Learn how other agencies are making TSMO part of their core business
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