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Toward Vision Zero: Tools and Tips for Achieving Target Speeds in Your Community

The speed at which drivers operate their vehicles has a direct impact on the character of communities and the comfort and safety of all road users. In order to create more livable communities, designers must have a true understanding of speed relationships and how to effectively attain desired speeds.There are many definitions of speed and speed relationships. The AASHTO Green Book defines design speed as "a selected speed used to determine the various geometric design features of the roadway." FHWA recently introduced the concept of "inferred design speed" which is the maximum speed for which all critical design-speed-related criteria are met at a particular location. More recently, engineers and planners have introduced the concept of “target speed”, which is the highest speed at which vehicles should desirably operate on a roadway in a specific context, consistent with the context and multimodal activity, to provide both mobility for motor vehicles and a safe environment for people walking, bicycling, and riding transit. The ability to accurately predict speeds on all road and street types of differing designs remains a challenge. Similarly, there is no reliable guidance on how to attain specific operating speed characteristics and speed relationships during the geometric design process. This webinar will help to address those relationships and discuss the latest research and practice guidance in the application of roadway speed relationships.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explain the various definitions of speed in the roadway design and operations process
  • Compare the various speed definitions and their interrelationships across a range of contexts
  • Differentiate how to apply the various speed concepts and terms in designing and operating roadways
  • Examine state-of-the-practice applications in geometric design and traffic operations to achieve target speed results

Fees: $49 Members/ $99 Non-members
This fee includes on-demand recording, 1.5 PDH credits and a certificate of completion. 

On-demand Recordings are non-refundable.