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Starting the Conversation: Transportation as Art & Science (9/12/17)

Our streets and can be beautiful experiences in their own way. We can achieve this by focusing more on facilitating civic participation and creating a sense of pride for a community through our designs. Streets can connect people, not just function as a means of transporting people and goods from A to B, but become places where people intuitively want to stay longer. Places that are desirable, attractive, welcoming, safe and comfortable, encourage people to linger, to socialize, and experience the unique culture and character of a community. Transportation professionals interested in creating healthy, vibrant spaces should consider increasing the use of public art in design, especially art made by local people that will reflect local cultural or history. This webinar will bring together a diverse panel of disciplines to discuss the balance between art and science, as it relates to street design and human well-being.

Facilitator: Bryan Jones
Speakers: Kevin Shepherd, Todd Litman, and James Dougherty
Biographies provided below.

Miss the webinar? The recording is now available for your viewing. If you are registered for the webinar, click the live webinar link below. If you are not registered, click purchase below, and return to the page after processing your registration. Enjoy!

This is part 1 of a 4 part series titled, Creating Great Communities through Transportation; Not Transportation through Communities. Learn more about the entire series by clicking here.