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Recording: Trial of the Century!!!

This session demonstrates the courtroom events and the various facets of the testimony process that public agency, transportation consultants, and expert witnesses may experience. Attendees will observe the qualifications process, evidence in chief, cross-examination, and counsel challenges. The case study is a motor vehicle collision herein there are allegations that poor road design and inadequate traffic control devices are alleged. Specific aspects and examples of risk management will be incorporated into the trial script. At the conclusion of the demonstration attendees will be given the opportunity to comment and ask questions of the mock trial participants.

Learning Objectives:
  • Recognize and appreciate the exposure of transportation agencies and their consultants may have in tort liability.
  • Prepare for and work within the courtroom setting.
  • Understand the current state-of-the-practice in forensic investigations and how road agency liability is gauged, established, and assessed.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance policies and practices to improve their risk management related to transportation facilities.
  • Russell Brownlee, Principal, Road Safety, -30- Forensic Engineering, Toronto, ON
  • Gary Thomas, Principal Engineer, Kittelson LLC, College Station, TX
  • Brian Malone, Vice President, Transportation, CIMA+, Burlington, ON
  • Troy Lehman, Partner, Oatley Vigmond, Barrie, ON
  • Lara Fitzgerald-Husek, Lawyer, Oatley Vigmond, Barrie, ON
  • David Campbell, Associate, Rogers Partners LLP, Toronto, ON

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