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Building Smart Communities

The vision of a smart community is a holistic, integrated approach to improving surface transportation performance within a city and integrating this approach with other smart city domains such as public safety, public services, and energy. Core elements of smart community strategy are data, demand, customer focus, and equity.

As a jump start to encouraging this new paradigm, the U.S. Department of Transportation has created the Smart Cities competition to find bold, innovative concepts to address how emerging transportation data, technologies, and applications can be integrated with existing systems in a city to address transportation challenges. This session takes the next step by extending this suite of concepts to communities of various sizes.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify overarching vision and characteristics of smart communities.
  • Understand how the vision for a smart community can be built into a community of any size.
  • Discuss core elements that are transferable between different size communities.
Kris Milster, Senior ITS Engineer, Ross & Baruzzini, Miami, FL

  • Smart is Cool! - Smart Cities are Super Cool!
    Bernie Arseneau, Vice President–Highways and Local Roads Market Sector Director, HDR, Minneapolis, MN
  • Quantifying the Impact of On-Street Parking Information on Congestion Mitigation
    Celeste Chavis, Assistant Professor, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
  • A Look from One Year Along the Path
    Nate Vogt, TIP and Funding Manager. Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, Columbus, OH Equity, Technology, Innovation, Partnerships and Mobility for the City
    Yang Tao, Assistant City Traffic Engineer, City of Madison, WI