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Planning for the Arrival of Automated Vehicles

If the advocates are to be believed, there will be an automated vehicle available for every household within five years. More realistically, over the next 20 years automated vehicles will become part of the transportation network. There remain many questions, but some planning now can allow public agencies and the supporting vendor and consultants to be prepared in a robust manner for multiple variations that the future may bring. This session encompasses speakers who are knowledgeable about the relevant technical aspects of automated vehicles, but more important, the state of activity positioning organizations for the future.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify risks and challenges to implementation of automated vehicles.
  • Describe societal impact of automated technology in transportation.
  • Understand potential impacts to the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of transportation infrastructure.
Abbas Mohaddas, President and COO, Econolite Group, San Francisco, CA

  • Impacts of CV and AV on State and Local Transportation Agencies
    Ray Derr, Project Manager, Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC
  • The Case for Agency Self-Assessment and Objectives-Based Planning for Automated Vehicle Systems
    Douglas Gettman, Director, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Phoenix, AZ
  • Transformative Technologies, Transformative Plans: Reimagining Regional Transportation Plans in a New Mobility Era
    Jason Neudorf, Transportation Planner, WSP, Thornhill, ON
  • Getting Proactive Rather Than Reactive in AV Infrastructure Planning
    Scott Wilkenson, Technical Director Transport Modelling, Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty. Ltd., Sidney, Australia