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Your Career: Making All the Right Moves

Women are seen in more boardrooms and in more meaningful positions in the engineering and planning profession than a decade ago but remain underrepresented. Building on the success of the session held in 2016 in Anaheim, this inclusive conversation circle session is an open discussion of issues women have identified as challenges in the workplace. The intent of this session is to both listen and share to gain understanding of gender differences in the workplace and in the industry as well as a discussion of techniques to navigate a successful path. Are you prepared to navigate a career path that opens the doors through which you want to walk? Do you have questions about a challenge you face?

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to enhance your support network.
  • Gain insights into the gaps that hold women back.
  • Describe techniques to successfully navigate workplace environments.
Marsha Anderson Bomar, Executive Director, Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District, Norcross, GA

  • Rebecca Peterniak, Transportation Infrastructure Specialist, Fireseeds North Infrastructure, Winnipeg, MB
  • Carrie Falkenrath, Principal, Tsquared Traffic & Transportation, St. Louis, MO
  • Joanna Kervin, Director, Third Party, Planning and Property, Toronto Transportation Commission, ON
  • Cathy Leong, Senior Project Manager, Wilson Okamoto Corporation, Honolulu, HI