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Developing a Blueprint for Shared Mobility

Shared Mobility, which lies at the intersection between the sharing economy and integrated mobility, is providing new transportation options for travelers and creating challenges for policy makers in jurisdictions across North America. Some shared mobility models, such as car share and bike share, have been around for some time. However, on-demand or data-enabled models such as ridesourcing and microtransit have surfaced tensions between the roles of the public and private sectors, with shared mobility often viewed in contrast, rather than in alignment, with incumbent public services such as transit. At the same time, shared mobility services present an opportunity to address strategic challenges with regard to sustainable travel choices. Shared mobility is often focused on user-centered, attractive customer experiences, and making more efficient use of underutilized resources and could play an important role in the first and last mile of a transit journey, and serving isolated or specialized markets. This panel discussion focuses on responding to shared and on-demand mobility, and reviews how the public sector (transit authorities, regional planning agencies, state/provincial, and local officials) are responding. How can private shared mobility service providers be steered into directions that support broader policy objectives or livable metro regions, travel options, and sustainable choices? How can the public interest be protected while leaving the room for innovation and new approaches? What tools are available to begin planning for shared and on-demand mobility?

Learning Objectives:
  • Describe the various business models present in the mobility space as well as the overarching challenges and opportunities they present.
  • Examine potential starting points in terms of beginning a dialogue on shared mobility in different regions.
  • Identify next steps in terms of tools and policy responses.
  • Discuss longer-term future including convergence of technologies and mobility providers, and mobility-as-a-service.
Joeri van den Steenhoven, Director, MaRS Solutions Lab, Toronto, ON

  • New Mobility Background Paper
    Daniel Haufschild, VP Urban Mobility, WSP, Toronto, ON
  • Sharing the Road: The Promise and Perils of Shared Mobility
    Michael Crawford, Urban Policy Associate, Mowat Centre, School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • Feasibility Study for the Expansion of Bike Share Toronto
    Aaron Baxter, Planner, WSP, Toronto, ON
  • York Region Transportation Mobility Plan Guidelines for Development Applications
    Vi Bui, Program Manager, Transportation Planning, Regional Municipality of York, Newmarket, ON