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Camels, Rats, Twinkies and Silly Putty: What Can We Learn About Making the Transportation System Resilient

Urban areas and societies are built upon the interconnected nature of transportation systems and land use. This session explores the challenges to and capacity of transportation systems face to function as well as recover in the face of external shocks and directed change.

Learning Objectives:
  • Describe the nature of external drivers that affect the resiliency of the transportation system from both a physical and cyber/technology perspective.
  • Understand there a number of equivalent stable states of operation and adaption for any multimodal transportation system
  • Identify tools and resources to improve the resiliency of the system of transportation resources.
Dave Ekern, President/CEO, DS Ekern Consulting, Biwabik, MN

  • Ryan Martinson, Associate - Sustainable Transportation Specialist, Stantec, Calgary, AB
  • Ed Fok, Transportation Technologies Specialist, Federal Highway Administration, San Francisco, CA
  • Chris Schmidt, Chief, Division of Transportation Planning, California Department of Transportation, Sacramento, CA
  • Ken Fletcher, Principal, Kestrel Hawk Consulting, Gaithersburg, MD