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Technology and AI: Don't Get Left Behind

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This webinar is led by the Women in ITE Committee.

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Webinar Description:
The Women in ITE members are excited about the buzz that surrounds new technology, AI, and the potential new uses that come along with these advances, but we are not all confident in our understanding of the benefits and challenges that come along with these technological advances that we are unable to avoid in our industry.

The Women in ITE Committee has gathered industry giant insight from impressive leaders in the field like Laura Chace - the President and CEO of ITS America, Monali Shah - Transformation Catalyst at Google, Sophia Mohr - Chief Innovation and Technology Officer for the Central Ohio Transit Authority, and Julie Evans - Principal ITS Analyst at Mitre, each of whom will discuss the most important burning issues about technology and artificial intelligence, and how can we make artificial intelligence applications feel more approachable for women. The distinguished panel will discuss ways to stay ahead of the curve on technology to be more efficient in our day-to-day lives, and how to discern if we want to become a supporting voice. You will not want to miss this riveting panel discussion.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the benefits and challenges that come along with technological advances in the transportation industry
  • Discern between when it is most appropriate to be apprehensive versus supportive of advances in technology
  • Recognize ways in which artificial intelligence can be used to our advantage
  • Describe ways in which we can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the benefits of new advances

Policies: The webinar recording will be made available on-demand it will have a shelf life of 60 days to register before it is archived. Participants are able to purchase and retrieve their PDH credit certificate until their access to the content expires. After the content expires and goes into archive, the PDH credit certificate opportunity is forfeited.


  • Moderator: Beth Ostrowski, P.E., PTOE Regional Practice Leader KCI Technologies, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee

  • Laura Chace, President and CEO | ITS America | Washington DC, Washington DC, United States

    Laura Chace was named President and CEO of ITS America in August, 2021. Previously, she served as the association’s Chief Operating Officer. In her role as COO and now as President and CEO, her focus is to promote policies that advance the development and safe deployment of intelligent transportation technologies throughout the United States in support of safer, greener, smarter mobility for all. Chace has extensive experience in strategic planning, operations, communications and advocacy, and a proven track record of implementing complex initiatives with strong engagement and collaboration among stakeholders. As COO, she led operations across ITS America with a focus on technology’s ability to save lives and reduce crashes on U.S. roadways, reduce congestion, minimize transportation’s carbon footprint, and provide seamless mobility and transportation choices for all Americans. Chace serves on the External Advisory Board for the U.S. Department of Energy’s SMART Mobility Lab consortium under the Officer of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). She is passionate and speaks often about the need to include more female and diverse voices in the transportation workforce to create better outcomes for all who use the transportation system. Chace is a founding member of the MobilityXX initiative, which is focused on increasing the number of women in transportation by 10 percent in 10 years. Chace brings 15 years in trade association management to her new role, having previously worked at USTelecom and the American Trucking Association. Early in her career, she served in the Clinton Administration at the U.S. Department of Justice Office and in the White House. She holds a Bachelor of Art’s degree from Colgate University.

  • Monali Shah, Transformation Catalyst | Google | Oak Park, Illinois, United States

    Monali Shah believes through intention, innovation, and investment we can transform. She has applied this mindset to address major societal challenges such as transportation safety, sustainability and equity. She also applies this to personal and team transformation. She believes we can joyfully co-create ideas and solutions by fostering openness, authenticity and creativity. The spaces where she creates include the tech sector, public sector, and nonprofits. In her work with Google Public Sector, she helps transportation agencies bring the power of AI and analytics to improve safety, climate resilience and community engagement. As board chair of ITS America, she works across government, companies and academia to foster innovation and collaboration in transportation. Through Social Venture Partners, she invests in community organizations through executive coaching, advising and amplifying. She serves on the advisory boards for US Department of Energy’s Smart Mobility Consortium and University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute. She previously served as the Director of Intelligent Transportation at HERE Technologies and led the company's work in the areas of smart cities, automated driving, and traffic management. At Nokia and NAVTEQ, she spearheaded product innovation in several location-based products. She started off her career as an Environmental Engineer and Six Sigma Blackbelt at Avery Dennison. Ms. Shah has a degree in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Michigan and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.

  • Sophia Mohr, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer | Central Ohio Transit Authority | Columbus, Ohio, United States

    As the first Chief Innovation and Technology Officer for the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), Sophia brought a keen understanding of the rapid transformation of the global transportation industry. Since joining COTA in September 2019, Sophia has focused on expanding the use of technology to reimagine and advance mobility. She has played a key role in rolling out the first bus on-demand service in North America, which was honored in 2021 by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America with the Best of Mobility On-Demand Award. Sophia is also instrumental in an effort to share artificial intelligence data regarding traffic, infrastructure and connected vehicle data across Central Ohio to improve safety. In November 2021, her team launched COTA’s digital payment system which improves equity and access for transit customers. Sophia serves on several boards and committees: • ITS America’s Mobility on Demand Committee, Chair • Ohio Intellectual Property Alliance, Member • Buckeye Engineering Women in Executive Leadership, Marketing Committee Co-Chair • The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research, External Advisory Committee Member Sophia comes to COTA from the private sector, having worked 17 years at NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway company headquartered in Columbus. She joined NetJets in 2002 as a business analyst and became the company’s first director of product development, and then its first vice president of owner experience design and strategy. Prior to NetJets, Sophia started her career as a human factors design engineer for IBM, then served as a consultant and manager for a global technology and consulting company. A Columbus native, Sophia earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial and systems engineering from The Ohio State University, with a specialization in designing systems and services for people.

  • Julie Evans, Transportation Engineer, Policy Analyst, Digital Infrastructure Lead | MITRE Corporation |

    Julie Evans is a transportation engineer, policy analyst, and the Digital Infrastructure Lead for the MITRE Corporation with a passion for transportation modernization through technology integration. For nearly 15 years, she has led successful project, business, and partnership development, spanning work for federal, state, and local agencies including traffic, automotive, transit, tolling, and aviation modernization. Julie is an enthusiastic leader recognized for her effective communication, inspired by the power of collaborative teams, and committed to the magnification of underrepresented voices. Beyond her professional work, she volunteers as an advocate for children in foster care, as the chair of a local government commission, as well as in local food assistance. Julie believes that the broader community of transportation professionals needs to build creative partnerships with stronger shared value chains to bring to life the full benefits of data and connectivity.

January 25, 2024
Thu 2:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 30M

This live web event has ended.

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