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So Unsafe, It Seems Safe: Reassessing Safety Via Perceived Risk

So Unsafe, It Seems Safe: Reassessing Safety Via Perceived Risk
An ITE Learning Hub Webinar

Traffic safety is a primary barrier for folks who wish to walk or bike. The traditional approach to combating such traffic safety issues consists of looking for crashes, injuries, or fatalities. However, that is a reactive approach, only accounting for the folks that are already walking or biking and the places that they are doing so. How would we account for people that have determined that the system is too unsafe to use in the first place? How would we identify the places where trips are suppressed – precisely because they are so unsafe – before they occur?

By using safety perceptions and suppressed trips, this webinar will explore ways of identifying such people and places. Two case studies examine children in Denver, Colorado and California. Instead of the traditional reactive approach of reducing crashes, the goal of this webinar is to develop a proactive method of enabling as many people to safely walk and bike as possible.

Learning Objectives

  • Have participants think critically about what pedestrian and bicycle crashes really tell us.
  • Develop a set of methodologies to analyze traffic safety proactively.
  • Shift the traffic safety mindset from simply reducing crashes to instead getting more people walking and biking safely.
  • Explore the importance of and methods for highlighting locations with safety concerns that may be under-represented in collision data.
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How to earn PDH/CM Credit:
The certificate of completion and 1.5 PDH/CM credits will be made available to the registrant after you have attended the webinar and the evaluation (below) has been completed. A link to the survey is provided during the webinar. Save that link for completing at the end of the webinar.

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