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So Unsafe, It Seems Safe: Reassessing Safety Via Perceived Risk

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  • Nick Ferenchak, PhD, EI

    Nick Ferenchak, PhD, EI is an Assistant Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of New Mexico. He is focused on developing sustainable and resilient transportation systems through improved bicyclist and pedestrian safety. His current research centers on proactive methods of measuring traffic safety, an approach he recently applied in Denver, Colorado.

  • Kendra Rowley, PE

    Kendra has seven years of transportation planning and engineering experience in the Bay Area, San Diego and San Luis Obispo region. She co-leads the Fehr & Peers Complete Streets Design group and is a member of the Bicycle & Pedestrian Discipline Group of companywide experts. She is passionate about bicycle and pedestrian planning and engineering; biking and walking in her everyday life creates a connection to her work and a real desire to see effective improvements.

July 10, 2018
Tue 3:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 30M

This live web event has ended.

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