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Smart Communities Data and Research

This session covers a wide range of practical research within the context of transportation infrastructure in Smart Communities, with a specific focus on big data needs for transportation infrastructure in Smart Communities and risks such as cybersecurity concerns.
Learning Objectives
  • Describe how investments in Smart Communities technologies can help build strong communities
  • Understand the cybersecurity issues and challenges brought about by increasing data connectivity
  • Describe how use of Big Data can influence street design
Carl Andersen, Connected Automation Program Manager, Federal Highway Administration, McLean, VA
  • People Really Tie the Smart Community Together
    Jeff Kupko, Assistant Transportation Program Manager, Michael Baker International, Inc., Harrisburg, PA
  • Cybersecurity in the Smart Community: System Assurance for the Intersection, V2X, and People
    Snehasis “Sunny” Chakravarty, Vice President of Engineering, Econolite, Anaheim, CA
  • Smart Street Design: Making the Most of Big Data to Design the Street
    Tamara Lima, Product Manager, Remix, San Francisco, CA
  • The Data Smart Cities Need: Using “Big” Mobile Device Data to Understand O-D Patterns in Oakland
    Teresa Tapia, Senior Solutions Engineer, Streetlight Data, San Francisco, CA; Danielle Dai, Transportation Planner, City of Oakland, Oakland, CA