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Are We Finally Ready for BRT?

Hear presentations from across the United States highlighting successful deployment of bus rapid transit (BRT) and transit signal priority strategies.
Learning Objectives
  • Describe how Bus Rapid Transit projects are being implemented in several cities
  • Understand the critical role that transit signal priority strategies play in improving transit system performance
  • Understand how BRT projects can be successfully integrated into existing transportation infrastructure
Brian Welch, Senior Manager, Regional Transportation District, Denver, CO
  • Innovation on the Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Corridor
    Sam Morrissey, Vice President, WSP, Los Angeles, CA
  • Downtown, Uptown, Parkland, East End BRT Pittsburgh, PA
    Stephen Goodreau, Principal/Senior Project Manager, CDM Smith, Chicago, IL
  • Transit Signal Priority + Bus Rapid Transit = A Big Picture in Shared Mobility
    Hoki Tse, ITS Engineer, Metro Transit, Minneapolis, MN
  • A Green Light for Buses – Next Generation Transit Signal Priority System

    Emad Makarious, Senior Transportation Engineer, New York City DOT, New York, NY;Marvin Souza, Transportation Engineer, New York City DOT, Long Island City, NY