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Leading in a Time of Change

We live in a time of significant technological and institutional change. Leadership in this environment can be difficult. Come hear new and innovative ideas about how to be a better leader in changing times.
Learning Objectives
  • Describe the importance of engineering judgement and ethical leadership in today’s transportation world
  • Understand how strategic leadership is critical in a time of rapid technological change
  • Describe how accommodating freight movement in large urban areas can be successfully managed
Martin Gugel, Assistant Director of Public Works, City of Springfield, Springfield, MO
  • Stop Being Such an Engineer! The Revival of Engineering Judgement in a World Full of Data
    Clark Bailey, Traffic Engineering Leader, Volkert, Inc., Birmingham, AL; Tracy Shandor, Kimley-Horn, Atlanta, GA
  • Think Outside the Curb: An Ethical Case for Transportation Leadership
    Daniel Herrig, Engineer III, Freese & Nichols, Dallas, TX
  • The Intersection of Strategic Leadership and Customer Service During Technological Transformations
    Mark Nogaki, Senior Vice President, Econolite, Anaheim, CA
  • FreightNYC – A Vision for Freight in New York City
    Amir Rizavi, Director of Transportation Systems, VHB, New York, NY; Ryan White, Assistant Vice President, New York City Economic Development Corporation, New York, NY; Craig O’Donnell, Transportation Analyst, VHB, New York, NY