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Work Zone Risk Management: Lessons Learned

An ITE Learning Hub Webinar
Developed by the ITE Transportation Forensics and Risk Management Council

Webinar Description:
It has been said that nationally about half of all traffic-related law suits are due to crashes that occur in work zones. Public agencies, consultants, and contractors are faced with significant exposure to risk of such law suits. Better managing this risk can result in safer transportation facilities, fewer deaths and injuries, and reduced exposure to law suits.

Concern about potential liability can affect safety decisions by directing attention to road treatments that are assumed to be helpful to litigation efforts but may have little safety benefit. The inappropriate use of traffic control devices not only diverts safety resources but can increase the traffic crash risk by placing unnecessary fixed obstacles near the roadway.

The webinar covers:

  • Brief introduction to concepts of risk management and legal liability
  • Role of the MUTCD standards and guidance and their effect on potential liability
  • Potential safety issues in work zone traffic control
  • Practical guidelines for maximizing safety and minimizing liability
Case studies will be used to illustrate issues that may be considered “high risk” in terms of potential liability claims including:
  • Flagging
  • Unprotected hazards
  • “Lying signs”
  • Road or lane closures
  • Intersection temporary traffic control
  • Warnings of stopped or slow traffic
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Oversight and documentation of contractor operations
Bob Seyfried and Herman Hill

Fees: $49 Members/$99 Non-Members
This fee includes a live webinar recording, webinar evaluation, and a certificate of completion.

PDH/CM Credit: 1.5 

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