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Personal Injury: Liens

So, you were excited about settling a good personal injury case only to learn from your client that her health insurance company mailed a demand seeking reimbursement for medical bills that it paid related to her car accident. This type of mistake could cost you thousands of dollars and it could have been avoided. The purpose of this CLE is to discuss the complicated universe of liens that attach to personal injury settlement funds. In most personal injury cases, the settlement is only as good as the amount of liens that are attached to the proceeds. Often, negotiating with the at-fault insurance company is much easier than dealing with the lien holders, as they all want to get paid today and not tomorrow. This CLE will provide practical tips on how to navigate the most common personal injury liens, such as Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, medical provider, etc., to ensure that you are not stuck having to pay liens that were incorrectly handled from your own pockets. Discussion led by Attorney Dominique Williams.
1 general CLE hour