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Contactless: Considerations for Merchants in a Touch-free COVID-19 Era


Contactless payments have seen slow growth over the past few years. But now in a world plagued by a pandemic, there is renewed interest from both consumers and merchants to limit the amount of physical interaction that happens at the point of sale. But why have some merchants been so reluctant to enable contactless? Join Itai Sela from B2 Payments and Lillie Platko from FIS Payment Networks as they uncover a few of the challenges merchants face, why contactless and traditional contact transactions differ so greatly behind the scenes and what merchants can do to feel better about embracing contactless in today’s world.

Learning Objectives:

  1. An overview of the difference between contactless and touchless, the benefits to merchants, and what to consider as you identify your business objectives for implementing contactless
  2. Contactless implementation challenges to support touchless payments and how consumer adoption will drive contactless success in a post-pandemic environment
  3. Contactless Routing & CVM limits– an overview of the CVM inconsistencies with the global & debit networks and implications of poor terminal programming.
While everyone is welcome, the webinar will be especially helpful for:
  • Treasury Managers or Analysts
  • Point of Sale Payment Team
  • VP of eCommerce
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Analysts
  • IT Teams
  • Payments Strategy Decision Makers


  • Lillie Platko | GM, Payment Networks, FIS

    Lillie is the GM of Payment Networks at FIS where she manages the NYCE, CULIANCE, Jeanie and PayNet networks. She has responsibility for the operations and growth of the network business across channels and payment types. Lillie has a long track record of driving growth and transforming businesses. Prior to joining FIS, Lillie was the President of Watch Hill Consulting (WHC), a boutique consulting firm specializing in payments. WHC provided business development and management services to financial institutions, merchants and networks. Before that, Lillie was the Group Head of US Debit at Mastercard where she led the development and implementation of Mastercard’s debit strategy addressing federal regulations, competitive threats, emerging technologies and changing consumer behavior. During her tenure at Mastercard she also streamlined and modernized the product suite. Lillie is active member of US Payments Forum, Debit Network Alliance and Merchant Advisory Group and enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge and insights.

  • Itai Sela | CEO - B2 Payments

    Itai Sela is the CEO of B2 Payments USA established to help the US migration to EMV. Over the past 20 years Mr. Sela has become a Subject Matter Expert in the payment industry, specializing in, Smart Cards (EMV), Fraud, Risk Management, Cryptography, Contactless and NFC technologies, E-Commerce, Training and Consulting. Mr. Sela is an internationally experienced speaker, trainer and consultant with a sound reputation and an exceptional track record of delivering proven results in both business and technical environments constrained by limited execution time frames and complex user requirements. Throughout his career in the payment industry, Itai has spoken in numerous events, delivered hundreds of payment related trainings and participated in several committees and forums including planning and implementation of EMV, Contactless and NFC projects around the world.