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Emerging Models and Approaches to Fraud Management


The scope of fraud is becoming bigger, more complex, and less efficient. It is not just about preventing false transactions and account abuse, but about providing the best possible customer experience that protects individuals and merchants without additional work. In this global battle, fraudsters are working 24/7 to stay ahead. Those who are slowest to adapt are most likely to lose.

In this webinar session, hear from the CEO of Forter, the world’s leading e-commerce fraud prevention platform, as he describes the state-of-the-art approaches they are employing to win against fraudsters. You will also hear from the CEO of Bouncer, an early stage tech company that is providing a new model for physical card verification, with higher levels of accuracy and simpler integration. Each company presentation will be followed by a brief moderated discussion and an audience Q&A.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify new approaches to managing emerging fraud risks
  2. Assess the impact of new models on business performance
  3. Explore how the fraud landscape will evolve moving into 2021


  • Will Megson | CEO - Bouncer Technologies

    Will Megson is CEO of Bouncer Technologies, which helps applications combat financial fraud while improving conversion and the onboarding experience for customers. Before Bouncer, Will led product for payment, fraud, and identity at Lyft where he built the team and strategy during the company’s pre-IPO hypergrowth period, where the team had to solve a variety of sophisticated reselling, automated attacks, social engineering, and other threats while improving user experience to stay ahead of the competition. Prior to Lyft, Will worked on product management at Groupon, where he focused on mobile experience and conversion improvement features.

  • Michael Reitblat | Co-Founder & CEO - Forter

    Michael Reitblat is the co-founder and CEO of Forter, the leading e-commerce fraud prevention solution that protects merchants against various types of abuse (including account takeover, return abuse, and coupon abuse) at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Michael began his career in Israeli military intelligence where he was trained in cybersecurity techniques and fraud prevention. Following his military service, he played a key part in building the first company to specialize in online payment fraud, Fraud Sciences. After the business was acquired by PayPal, he helped to develop the successful fraud prevention system that the payments giant used for many years.

    Michael was determined to make his vision of completely fraud-free e-commerce a reality, which is why he founded Forter in 2013. Forter’s award-winning end-to-end identity-based fraud prevention solution distinguishes between good customers that may look suspicious to human eyes and at the same time identifies highly advanced and organized online criminals. As a result, Forter’s system automatically approves or declines every online order within milliseconds, dramatically improving the checkout experience for good consumers and ensuring merchants don’t leave money on the table from ‘false positives’.