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September Exonerations Webinar

1.00 Standard Credit - This webinar will address the compensation-for-exoneration statutory scheme, and the implications that this relatively new area of the law has for both trial and appellate prosecutors. It will cover:

  1. A brief history of the statute, including its severance by the Minnesota Supreme Court and subsequent revision by the Legislature;
  2. An exoneration claim’s 3-stage process:
    1. Threshold question,
    2. Contested evidentiary hearing (or prosecutor joinder and agreement),
    3. Incarceration & Exoneration Remedies Act – extent of damages awarded for an Exoneration Order for Compensation
               a. *County attorney appellate litigation may occur after stages 1 and/or 2
  3. The current standards for when a person is deemed “exonerated,” and thus eligible for compensation for the time that he or she spent imprisoned;
  4. Case studies, including appellate decisions, interpreting and applying the current statutory language to a range of different situations;
  5. Current trends, future concerns, and how to limit frivolous “wrongful” exoneration claims.