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Role of the Forensic Mental Health Examiner in Commitment Cases Webinar

1.00 Standard CLE Credit - Attendees will learn to maximize the usefulness of the forensic examiner in civil commitment proceedings. 

  1. Attendees will gain a general understanding of the process used by the forensic examiner in:
    1. Determining what data is out there on the patient
    2. Accessing medical information/records
    3. Determining what information is relevant
    4. Documenting the factual basis for opinion
    5. Applying clinical data to the relevant statutes
    6. Offering an opinion, including on the ultimate issue.
  2. Attendees will be able to recognize and identify the limitations inherent in the forensic examiner’s evaluation and opinion, based upon:
    1. The amount and quality of available background information on the patient
    2. The ambiguities and lack of absolute certainties in diagnosis, risk assessment, and treatment options and response
    3. The required standard of proof in specific cases.