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2021 Bias: Workplace Inclusivity and Allyship 101 On-demand Video

2.00 Elimination of Bias CLE Credit - Many people consider themselves an “ally” of one or more marginalized groups or communities, like folks who identify as LGBTQ or as a member of a religious minority. However, “allyship” is different; it’s the action part of being an ally. And because we’re human—which means we’re often afraid or confused—many of us don’t engage in true allyship.

Allyship is particularly important for the legal profession; yes, we understand about the need to advocate for our clients, but what about engaging in allyship for our colleagues? Just because you’re an attorney doesn’t mean that you know how to be a good ally.

With this presentation, Ellie will talk about recognizing fear as a hurdle to allyship and offer strategies for how to approach workplace situations where it’s necessary to speak up on behalf of others. She’ll also cover the Three Freedoms (come to the training to find out what these are) and how to talk about microaggressions with those who might not have a clue about having just said the wrong thing. On top of that, Ellie will offer tips on how to apologize and forgive, which are critical to true allyship.