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2021 Changes to Criminal Sexual Conduct Statutes On-demand Video

1.00 Standard CLE Credit - In 2019 the Minnesota Legislature created a working group to examine Minnesota’s Criminal Sexual Conduct laws. The working group, which consisted of dozens of stakeholders, recommended numerous changes to the legislature. The legislature passed a bill implementing the vast majority of these changes, including closing the voluntary intoxication loophole, creating more protections for child victims, and creating a crime of sexual extortion. Other changes were made, including a complete restructuring of Minnesota’s CSC laws. These laws go into effect Sept. 15, 2021. Christina Warren, Senior Assistant Hennepin County Attorney, was a steering committee member of the working group and helped draft the report and the legislation. Kelly Moller, an Assistant Hennepin County Attorney and State Representative, is the author of this legislation. They will discuss the working group process, the recommended changes, the bill that was introduced, and the final language that was passed and signed into law. The goal is for participants to have a clear understanding of the changes to the law before they are implemented in September.