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2017 Elimination of Bias - Marriage 101 On-demand Video

1.00 Elimination of Bias Credit - Whether recognized by the U.S. government or not, people consider themselves married after a variety of cultural, religious or other ceremonies. Parents present themselves to the child support program with common law marriages, cultural marriages outside of the U.S., cultural marriages inside of the U.S., opposite sex marriages, same sex marriages, and void or voidable marriages. How do attorneys work cases when parents say they are married, only to discover the form of marriage is not recognized by the government? What happens when parents say they were married but in another country, and they have no “documents” to prove the marriage? What effect does the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges have on all of this? Learn how the presenter’s County policies have changed over time to recognize the complexities and sensitivities relating to modern families. Participate in a discussion about various laws and treaties relating to modern families using polls to figure out the best way to serve all families in a legal and respectful way!