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Session 6: Difficult Conversations, Development, & Coaching/The Leadership Pipeline: Panel Discussion

Hilary Worthen, MD (Course Director)

Morning Session:
Difficult Conversations, Development, and Coaching

Team collaboration is essential to maintaining a healthy workplace and delivering high-quality patient care. How can we navigate the dynamics of managing up, across, and down? How do we build productive relationships with toxic colleagues and bosses? What collaborative approaches can we take with our colleagues to improve the structure and functions {and dysfunctions) of our teams?

Learning Objectives:
  • Collaborate more effectively with HR colleagues.
  • Manage reports more effectively. Be more effective followers.
  • Take better advantage of supervisors.
  • Recognize and deal with toxic behavior.

Lunch and Networking 11:30pm to 12:30pm

Guest panelists coming soon!

Afternoon Session:
The Leadership Pipeline: Panel Discussion

The ability to move forward in our careers is important not only for our own satisfaction, but to the functioning of our organizations and fields as well. This applies to skill development, academic advancement, income, and span of organizational responsibility. Healthy organizations recognize this and make sure that people have the guidance, incentives, tools, and opportunities to move up the ladder. Even if the rungs above are occupied, it is important for organizations to keep the low moving upward. Helping employees prepare for greater leadership roles, even if it is in other institutions, keeps people engaged, keeps the pool of prepared leaders full, and creates a more attractive work environment. In this session, we will cover how to assess your organization's leadership pipeline and be sure it is flowing dynamically.

Learning Objectives:
  • Ability to identify the tools available to move up the ladder within their organization.
  • Understand and assess an organization’s pipeline into leadership roles.