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MESA White Paper #60: Smart Manufacturing and Cloud Computing

This paper explores how Cloud Computing can help achieve the Smart Manufacturing goals to optimize processes inside the factory, as well as across the supply chain, whether the manufacturer wants to embrace a full or hybrid cloud infrastructure model. This paper includes examples of different options, from performing analysis via cloud services, to putting enterprise systems that are not closely attached to machine processes on the cloud, like inventory management. Each example exercises different infrastructure and security techniques. Different types of cloud services are available to leverage into a Smart Manufacturing strategy and each organization will leverage them in different ways and in different stages of their journey.

Date published: September 2018


  1. Conrad Leiva, VP Product Strategy and Alliances, iBASEt; Chair of Smart Manufacturing Working Group, MESA International
  2. Srivats Ramaswami, Chief Technology Officer, 42-Q
  1. Jimmy Asher, VP of Product Strategy, Savigent Software; Treasurer, MESA International
  2. Luigi De Bernardini, Vice Chair Board of Directors at Control System Integrators Association
  3. Dave Noller, Executive Architect for Watson IoT, IBM
  4. David Szczepanski, Sr. Program Manager at Factora