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B2MML V0401

B2MML is an XML implementation of the ANSI/ISA-95 family of standards (ISA-95), known internationally as IEC/ISO 62264. B2MML consists of a set of XML schemas written using the World Wide Web Consortium's XML Schema language (XSD) that implement the data models in the ISA-95 standard.
Companies interested in following ISA-95 for integration projects may use B2MML to integrate business systems such as ERP and supply chain management systems with manufacturing systems such as control systems and manufacturing execution systems. B2MML is a complete implementation of ISA-95. Any company may use B2MML royalty free provided credit is given to the MESA.

B2MML v0600 is the latest version. Earlier versions are still available; however, we recommend new users use the latest version which contains enhancements based upon user feedback.

The release notes provide more details on the changes in this release. Also check the errata file above which contains patches for the schemas.

Starting with V0401, the BatchML schemas were integrated into the B2MML namespace and BatchML now uses the B2MML common and extension files. Therefore B2MML schema and documentation downloads include BatchML files.
B2MML Mapping Sheets
B2MML mapping sheets are a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that provide a way to define and document the detailed mapping of an application’s local data into the B2MML standard structure. While the WBF’s B2MML schemas provide a standard for the format and structure of data in an integration project, there is also a need to document the specific elements of data that must be exchanged. The new B2MML Mapping Sheets contain a full breakout of all elements in a B2MML message and provide space to define the mapping application data elements into the message. The B2MML Mapping Sheets can further reduce the time and effort involved in business to manufacturing integration projects.The MESA XML Committee is fully staffed by volunteers and is open to all interested parties. To join the committee to participate in future releases, maintenance decisions and to join our list server where you can ask implementation questions, or just lurk, send a request to

License Agreement: This MESA Work (including specifications, documents, software, and related items) referred to as the Business To Manufacturing Markup Language (B2MML) is provided by the copyright holders under the following license. Permission to use, copy, modify, or redistribute this Work and its documentation, with or without modification, for any purpose and without fee or royalty is hereby granted provided MESA International is acknowledged as the originator of this Work using the following statement:

"The Business To Manufacturing Markup Language (B2MML) is used courtesy of MESA International."

In no event shall MESA International, its members, or any third party be liable for any costs, expenses, losses, damages or injuries incurred by use of the Work or as a result of this agreement.