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MESA White Paper #39: MESA Model Evolution

This paper describes the evolution of the MESA Model from the MESA Functions originally developed and published in 1992 to the Context Model of 1996, the Collaborative Model of 2002 and the current model published in 2006. Based on many changes within the industry and a new focus by MESA, the intention behind the latest MESA Model was to better recognize the importance and use of production information in the immediate departmental and supervisory roles, but also the roles of interaction with and support for enterprise and administrative applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Product Lifecycle Management and Supply Chain Management. The paper also explains the thoughts behind the use of plant information to support corporate strategic initiatives such as Lean Manufacturing, Real-time Enterprise, Product Lifecycle Management, etc.

Date Published: November 2011


  1. Michael McClellan, Collaboration Synergies Inc
  2. Doug Weaver, Boeing Commercial Aircraft
  1. Julie Fraser, Cambashi, Inc.
  2. Charlie Gifford, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC
  3. Khris Kammer, Rockwell Automation
  4. Stephanie Mikelbrencis, Brock Solutions
  5. Matt Miller, OSIsoft, LLC
  6. Darren Riley, Rockwell Automation