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Improving Performance in Difficult Times: MESA Study Shows How - presentation slides

The current challenging economic climate forces manufacturers to improve performance. However, many manufacturers struggle to convert their in-plant operations excellence improvements to business benefits. MESA's current research project focuses on Correlating Plant Performance to Business Performance. Preliminary results from Phase 1 of the research show that the companies that have made significant improvements in business performance despite the tough economy have also made significantly more progress on operations metrics. So the correlation is clear: manufacturers who improve operations in ways that are aligned with business objectives can improve their financial performance. Early findings also illustrate that better performers have different practices and systems in place. Watch this 1-hour webcast to understand:•What you might do to improve the performance of your business in good times and bad
•What the companies that have improved financial performance are doing differently
•The OEE conundrum – why it’s a good metric, but not sufficient
•How MESA provides educational opportunities and a network of peers to support your progress.

Date Published
: December 2009