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Metrics Guidebook and Framework - Second Edition

This new Second Edition Guidebook is intended as a source of information that can be used to develop appropriate performance metrics for manufacturing companies. The goal is to provide guidelines and share experience about combining plant floor and all key plant operations and financial intelligence to help drive both business and operations excellence.

Date Published: August 2011


  1. David Caruso, Independent Consultant
  2. John Clemons, MAVERICK Technologies
  3. Richard Fournier, IBM Corporation
  4. Julie Fraser, Cambashi Incorporated
  5. Charlie Gifford, 21st Century Mfg Solutions LLC
  6. John Jackiw, Dassault Systemes
  7. Anthony Jenovino, Campbells Soup
  8. Peter Martin, Invensys
  9. George Maxson, Cormetech
  10. Darren K Riley, Rockwell Automation
  11. Jonathan Siudut, Retired from IBM Corporation
  12. Walter Staehle, Siemens Energy & Automation
  13. Anton van der Merwe, Alta Vista Consulting LLC
  14. Larry R. White, CMA, CFM, CPA, CGFM, RCA institute
  1. Darren K Riley, Rockwell Automation
  2. Joel Vana, Abbott Laboratories