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MESA Analytics Guidebook

Analytics is more than just data. Analytics as both a process and disciple should drive all of your organizations stakeholders to common conclusions that result in decisions that increase the value in every part of the manufacturing, business and strategy.
Having been in manufacturing for many years I have heard many excuses related failed or false starts on projects in manufacturing analytics. Some of the reasons are its too hard, too expensive, I do not have the technology, I cannot support the technology, I don’t know what information to collect, and there is no way to get payback, just to list a few.

The goal of this book is to act as a guidepost. A comprehensive review of analytics in the manufacturing and operational space along with use cases and their benefits. The guidebook serves multiple audiences and can support the creation and management of successful, multi-disciplinary teams and projects during your organization's transformation. The book provides sections and summaries that can be consumed individually to gain focused knowledge on specific topics or taken together to provide an appreciation for the truly transformative nature of analytics in manufacturing.

Ultimately, the successful application of analytics and digitalization provide the clearest evidence of the essential value of data to drive improved decision-making.  

Date Published: March 2020