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MESA Whitepaper #48: Time-in-State Metric Implementation Methodology

Information required for decision-making at operational level, in continuous process operations differs from that of discrete processes. This document provides guidelines to the development of measurements that facilitate effective performance management within continuous processing plants, common in Oil and Gas, Mining, Metals and Minerals Processing and Chemicals Manufacturing industries.

Performance measurements (like KPI’s) aggregated over defined time intervals can mask inefficiency in processing plants. The complexity and dynamic nature of variables in processing plants requires a different approach to performance management when compared to discrete processes. A key factor necessitating this different approach relates to the role and impact that human decision-making has within these processes.

The previous White paper (Time-in-State Management in the Process Industries) introduced the concept of Time in State (TIS) Management and the related Time in State Metric (TISM) to be used as a performance measure for continuous processes as an enhancement to the commonly used Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), more suited to discreet and packaging lines.

This document provides an introduction to the Time-in-State Metric implementation methodology. It illustrates how the methodology integrates human and technical aspects to deliver high performance results.

Date Published: April 2014


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