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Time-in-State Management as alternative to OEE in the Process Industries

Performance measurements (KPIs) aggregated over defined time intervals can mask inefficiency in processing plants. The complexity and dynamic nature of variables in processing plants requires a different approach to performance management when compared to discrete processes.

The webinar introduced the concept of Time-in-State (TIS) Management and the related Time-in-State Metric (TISM). The TISM can be used as a performance measure for the continuous processes and as enhancement or alternative to the commonly used Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which is more suited to discrete manufacturing and packaging lines.

During the webinar, the Time-in-State Metric implementation and deployment methodologies are discussed and explained. The webinar shows how to implement a management and control methodology on the plant floor in real-time to improve the Time-in-State Metric. It explains what tools the operators will require to guide them in making the most effective decisions and how these tools need to be maintained and calibrated over time.

A few suggested artefacts from recent projects are presented to illustrate the use of TISM data by different roles in the process manufacturing plant. The webinar shows how information is aggregated according to the ISA-95 equipment hierarchy and the level of responsibility interest area of the user accessing the information.

Finally, some case-studies illustrating the business benefits derived from implementation of the TISM are discussed.

Date Published: June 2014


  1. Dr Kobus van der Merwe, Industrial Management Enhancement
  2. Gerhard Greeff, Bytes Universal Systems

  1. John Jackiw, Alta Via Consulting LLC
  2. Jim Toman, Grantek
  3. Christian-Marc Pouyez, Schneider Electric
  4. Rhett Gover, Wipro
  5. Jose Luis Maldonado, SABMiller